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About Us

The Division is made up of the Students’ Affairs Office, Guidance and Counseling Unit and the Halls of Residence, it is headed by the Dean, who coordinates the day-to-day activities, and is directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor. It is therefore a Division in the Vice- Chancellor’s Office which deals with student matters.

The Division fosters student growth, and also aids, directs and informs students about services and programs that will expand students’ educational experiences and prepare them for diverse lives in local and global communities.

In collaboration with the colleges, faculties, other administrative and service units of the University and students themselves, the Division endeavours to provide the proper atmosphere and good inter-personal relationships that are essential for the students’ overall welfare, social and academic in the University. The Division is thus central to the University’s mission of assisting students in their intellectual, physical, emotional, social and moral development during their stay in the University.

Particularly, the Division is responsible for the quality of the informal learning environment that students need in a University community, to enhance the realization of their potentials as enlightened and responsible citizens of this country. This is done in recognition of the inter- relatedness’ of students’ welfare facilities, their academic performance and a conducive atmosphere on campus. For effective discharge of its responsibilities, the Division consists of various units which are provided with the necessary facilities at its disposal.

The Division shall use resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals.

Facilitating Actions

  • Resource Management Secure, develop, and allocate resources in accordance with strategic initiatives. Utilize resources in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Staff Development Build a diverse Student Affairs staff who are high performers and who are experts on students, their environments, and the teaching and learning process.
  • Partnerships Collaborate with faculty, staff, students, colleges and academic support areas, and community members and organizations to strengthen our capacity to advance student learning and provide quality services and programs.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Integrate the strategic planning process, including continuous improvement initiatives, into our work.