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Faculty of Environmental Design and Management

Faculty History

The general rationale for environmental design and management approach emanates from different activities of human beings such as physical, economic and social activities required for the provision of economical, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing environment. This involves design, estimation, construction, control, monitoring, valuation, decoration and maintenance of infrastructural and accommodation developments. The curricula to train students at the Obafemi Awolowo University include all these important issues and these form the principles that led to the establishment of the Faculty of EDM. 

The Faculty started in 1970 as a sub-department in the Department of Economics with Estate Management programme only. In October, 1977, the Senate of the University approved the expansion of Estate Management programme to include other Built Environment disciplines domiciled in a new Department called Department of Environmental Planning Design and Management (EPDM). The new Department was to run five (5) degree courses including Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Quantity Surveying and Urban and Regional Planning. The Department metamorphosed into a full-fledged Faculty on 6th of April, 1982. 

In October 1990, the Department of Fine and Applied Arts was transferred from the Faculty of Arts to the Faculty of Environmental Design and Management. This made the total number of Departments in the Faculty to increase from five (5) to six (6). The six Departments offered both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The vision and mission of the Faculty is to produce articulate, intelligent and forward-looking personnel for the construction industry as well as to advance knowledge and careers through quality learning opportunities and useful interactions with the stakeholders in the industry. The curriculum of each of the programmes of the Faculty is reviewed regularly to meet the ever changing demands of the industry.  

The Faculty has seasoned, qualified and experienced lecturers. This is evidenced in the high quality graduates produced by the Faculty. Most of the alumni of the Faculty are holding top posts in consultancy firms, contracting companies, banks, public service, armed forces, and other notable offices in and outside the country. 

In her nearly four decades of existence, the Faculty has through her teaching, research and community service activities contributed tremendously to the development of human capital needed for economic growth in the country and beyond. As the leading Faculty in the Built Environment disciplines in Nigeria, her distinguished academics and scholars have trained most of the academics in other Universities locally and internationally.

The affairs of the Faculty have been directed by the following Deans and Acting Dean:

  1. Prof. K.A. Wahab   1982 - 1989
  2. Prof. Y.L. Fabiyi (Acting)   1989 - 1991
  3. Prof. J.R.O. Ojo   1991 - 1995
  4. Prof. R.N. Mills–Tettey   1995 - 1997
  5. Prof. J.I. Ighalo   1997 - 2001
  6. Prof. C.A. Ajayi   2001 - 2005
  7. Prof. D.A. Adesanya   2005 - 2009
  8. Prof. S.O. Fadare   2009 - 2013
  9. Prof. B.T. Aluko   2013 - 2017



The faculty houses six degree programmes. It runs both undergraduate and postgraduate courses in these programmes.

The faculty consisted of the following Departments:

Dean's Profile

Prof. M.O. Babalola - Dean, Faculty of Art

Prof. M.O. Babalola

Dean, Faculty of Art

Specilized in Contruction Managment.

Vice Dean's Profile

  • NAME: Dr. S.O. Ojo
  • POSITION: Vice-Dean
  • DEPARTMENT: Building
  • AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Construction Management
  • HOBBIES: Reading

Faculty Secretary's Profile

  • NAME: Mr. J.O. Ojo
  • POSITION: Faculty Secretary
  • Directorate: Registry
  • AREA OF SPECIALIZATION: Administration
  • HOBBIES: Reading and writing

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