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Inaugural Lectures

S/No Title Date Lecturer Department
1Human behavior analysis: The scientific alternative26/03/13Prof OS ElegbeleyePsychology
2Trace matters: Stable and radioactive elements in human health and environment09/04/13Prof JO OjoPhysics
3All rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full……..14/05/13Prof OO Ogunkoyageography
4Who will bring farm children back to the farm?28/05/13Prof DO TorimiroAgric Ext & Rural Dev
5Anatomy Morbid: Praising the dead that are already dead11/06/13Prof KA AdelusolaBasic medical Sci
6Biochemistry for the health of man25/06/1325/06/13Prof JB FakunleMed biochemistry
7That they may eat all year round: The exploration of a ruminant nutritionist09/07/13Prof SM OdeyinkaAni Sciences
8That we all may prosper and be in health: The primacy, premises and promises of adolescent and reproductive health10/09/13Prof AO FatusiInst of Pub Health
9Man minus machine equals a labourer12/11/13Prof LO AdekoyaMech Eng
10Recipe for affordable housing in Nigeria26/11/13Prof DA AdesanyaBuilding
11Seed: The business of every green plant14/01/14Prof SA AjayiCrop Prod & Protection