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Halls of Residence

Admission into Halls of Residence

  1. Admission to a Hall of Residence is by application to the Warden of the Hall. Relevant application forms are available from the Office of the Wardens of respective Halls for completion.
  2. Students who are unsuccessful in obtaining accommodation in a University Hall of Residence shall make their own arrangements for lodging outside the Campus.
  3. Full academic session’s Fees must be paid before registration into rooms.
  4. The right to occupy a room is not transferable; anybody who violates this shall forfeit his accommodation and fees.
  5. While Students are not obliged to live in Halls, those who elect to do so must conform with certain regulations; the adherence to which will enable every student have a pleasant stay in residence.
  6. No student shall in any way seek to undermine the peace of mind of fellow students or the orderly administration of the Halls of Residence.
  7. Concerning piracy (illegal occupancy of Room) As the student prizes his/her rights and freedom of association, speech, and action, so must he/she respect the rights and freedom of association, speech, and action of fellow students.

All students who are legitimately allocated rooms in the Halls of Residence shall be made to sign an undertaking NOT to harbour any ‘pirates’ or squatters as a condition of tenancy.

Any student who keeps a squatter shall automatically forfeit his/her room without any refund of accommodation fees earlier paid. The ‘landlord’ and the ‘pirate(s)’ shall be ejected from any University Halls of Residence. Such students who are ejected from the Halls of Residence shall be blacklisted and shall forfeit all chances of being allocated any room on the University campus throughout their period of study in the University.

If any already ejected ‘landlord’ or ‘squatter’ is caught again ‘pirating’ with another student (new landlord) on the campus, the new squatter who is now the ‘second offender’ shall be suspended from the University for a semester, while the new ‘landlord’, who is now the first offender forfeits his/her room allocation without any refund.

Under no circumstance shall there be option of fine in a case that involves ‘squatting’.

Accommodation into Halls of Residence

Undergraduate Student
  • Men Undergraduate students in all Faculties and Departments will be evenly distributed in the four Halls for men i.e Fajuyi and Awolowo, ETF and Angola.
  • Women Undergraduate students will be accommodated in Moremi, Alumni, Akintola and Mozambique Hall.
Postgraduate Students

Murtala Muhammed Hall is exclusively for postgraduate students and physically handicapped male students.

  • Under no circumstances will accommodation be provided in the Hall for Graduate Assistants or any member of University staff on Study Leave where there is evidence that such a member of staff has already been allocated a house by the University or is being paid house allowance in lieu of accommodation.
  • Under no circumstances will accommodation be provided in the Hall for any one on full time appointment with any Establishment unless he/she is on Study Leave.
  • A postgraduate study must not sell his accommodation or keep non-postgraduates, non-students or any other type of squatter in his room. Violation may lead to forfeiture of allocation. Accommodation in Murtala Muhammed Hall is on Semester basis.
Clinical Students

Male Clinical students will be accommodated in the two-bedded rooms in Fajuyi Hall and the Medical Students Hostel until further notice, while accommodation will be provided for their female counterparts in Moremi Hall, the University rented accommodation for medical student in town and the female wing of the Clinical Hostel.

Order of Priority regarding offer of Accommodation to Undergraduate Students
  1. Freshmen.
  2. Finalists (decided by matriculation year).
  3. Student Union Leaders.
  4. Sport men and women recommended by the Chairman, Sports Council.
  5. Students suffering from physical deformities certified by Director of medical services.
  6. Foreign Students
  7. Medical (clinical) students, and
  8. Other categories of students.
Order of Priority regarding offer of Accommodation to Postgraduate Students
  1. Students on first session of MA/M.Sc. Degree Programmes – three bed room apartments
  2. Students on second session of MA./M.Sc. Degree programmes-single room apartment where available.
  3. Students on Ph.D. degree programmes-single room apartment where available.

Accommodation fee:

  • Undergraduate

Flat of N90 per session.

  • Postgraduate
    • Single room – 1000.00 per session.
    • Shared room – N750.0 per session.

Miscellaneous fee of N2,500 is charged per student per session to utilities and maintenance in the Halls. These charges may change on the approval of Council.