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Directorate of Corporate Services

The Directorate of General Administration came into existence following the restructuring of the Registry recommended by the former Registrar, Mr. T.A. Akinyele and approved by Council in 1976. The Directorate coordinates on behalf of the Registrar, the other general services which do not fall squarely into any of the other Directorates in the Registry. The Director also serves as Secretary to the Congregation, Standing Committee of Congregation and Ceremonials Committee.

In 1992, the Directorate of General Administration was renamed the Division of Corporate Services while its scope and functions remained the same. However, with the creation of the post of Director of Corporate Services on HATISS 15 by the Governing Council at its meeting on 27th October, 2006, the former Division of Corporate Services metamorphosed into the Directorate of Corporate Services.

The Directorate comprises of the following units:

  • Director’s Office
  • Public Relations
  • Immigration/Passages
  • Protocol and Hospitality
  • Housing Allocating
  • Publications
  • VIP Guest Houses

All the Units are coordinated from the Directors’ Office located in Rooms 5-9 of the Staff Training and Development Unit Building (STDU).

Staff of the Director’s Office
Dr. (Mrs.) E.O. Oyebisi Director
Mrs. S. N. Owolabi-Ajobo Administrative Officer I
Miss O. Clement Confidential Secretary I
Mr. R. Fadeni Senior Superintendent Driver I
Mr. O Akinwale Senior Superintendent Driver II
Mr. S. O. Tunde-Adedipe Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. E. T. Oyeyemi Typist III
Mr. K. Afolabi Office Assistant

The Public Relations Unit

This unit is responsible for the image-making aspect of the University. It publishes the News bulletin every Friday and issues News letters as occasions warrant. The unit is headed by the Public Relations Officer (Assistant Registrar) who covers all conferences, seminars and other events holding in the campus and being newsworthy.

The Public Relations Officer is also responsible for the following:

  1. Monitoring on a daily basis, happenings within and outside the University so that the Corporate image is properly managed and maintained in public
  2. Compilation, and editing of News items and publication in the News Bulletin weekly on the Internet, Issuance of special Releases and information handouts.
  3. Publicity arrangement for Inaugural Lectures, Convocation, Matriculation, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and burial of deceased members of staff.
  4. Placement of advertisement in the Print and Electronic Media
  5. Attending to queries and requests by the public from within and outside the University.
  6. Offering advice to staff and students who seek such advice on official/personal matters.
  7. Mixing freely with staff/students for purposes of feed-back.
  8. Arranging Press Conferences for the Vice-Chancellor or the Chancellor where necessary, especially where certain important policies have to be announced.
  9. Maintaining excellent relations between the University and the Press through:
    • Personal contact with the mass media and through visits to their offices
    • Organising press visits to the University campus which in turn will influence favourable press attitude towards the University
Staff of the Unit
Mr. A. O. Olarewaju Public Relations Officer
Mr. E. M. Daniel Senior Clerical Officer

Immigration and Passages Unit

The unit, headed by a Chief Executive Officer, is located in Room 8-9 of the Utility Building. It is charged with the responsibility of procuring passports and visas for Principal Officers and their families, resident permits for expatriate staff, issuing of letters of introduction to passport offices and embassies for Nigerian staff. The Passages and Immigration Officer makes arrangement for protocol facilities at the airport for the Chancellor, Pro-Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor when they travel out.

The Unit also takes charge of the following:

  1. Procurement of entry visas for expatriate staff recruited by the University.
  2. Regularisation of stay of expatriate staff and students.
  3. Issuance of letters to facilitate re-entry permits, visas and extension of visitors pass for expatriate staff and students.
  4. Keeping close contact with the various Immigration departments and Passport Control Offices.
Staff of the Unit
Mr. O. Oyesomi Chief Executive Officer
Mrs. B. Y. Alabi Chief Typist
Mrs. F. Ajayi Chief Clerical Officer

Housing and Allocating Unit

The Unit, headed by an Assistant Registrar, is directly responsible for the servicing o f the following Committees:

  1. Housing and Allocating Committee: There are a total of 733 buildings in both the Senior and Junior Staff Quarters, 16 of them are inhabitable. House rents and electricity bills are deducted from staff salaries on a monthly basis.
  2. Health Centre Management Committee: The above – named Committee has the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) as the Chairman. Policies that govern Health Management services are considered by this committee and processed through the Administrative Staff Committee/Development Committee to Council.
  3. Health Centre Review Panel: This Committee is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration)- The welfare of staff in the Health Centre are reviewed through the Administrative Staff Committee.
  4. Computer Centre Management Committee and Computer Centre Review Panel: The Committee is chaired by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) -Policies and staff welfare are considered and reviewed by the Committee.
  5. Medical Advisory Board: Medical and Health status of staff are considered and recommendations made through the Vice-Chancellor to Council. The Committee has the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) as the Chairman

The Housing and Allocating Unit is also responsible for the following:

  • Keeping and updating a register of points gained by staff who have applied for houses.
  • Liaising with the Division of Works and Maintenance Services (DWMS) to ensure that houses allocated are ready for occupation.
  • General correspondence on enquiries and requests about housing.
Staff of the Unit
Mr. A. Ileladewa Assistant Registrar
Mr. O.T. Adewuyi Higher Executive Officer (HEO)
Mrs. E.L. Oderinu Senior Typist I

Protocol and Hospitality Unit

The unit is headed by an Assistant Catering Officer. The section principally handles protocol and hospitality for very important University Guests and Council members during Council meetings, Convocation ceremonies and other social events of the University. The Protocol Officer is most of the time involved in some activities in the V.I.P Guest Houses.

The Unit is also responsible for:

  • Assisting the Chief Catering Officer in the preparation of luncheon, dinner, cock tails and official parties.
  • The purchasing and wrapping of annual gifts to eminent officers and friends of the University.
  • Arranging transportation within and outside the campus for official guests of the University and piloting them to areas of interest.
Staff of the Unit
Mrs. J.E. Okon Assistant Chief Catering Officer/Protocol Officer
Mrs. H.R. Okunola Senior Typist I

Publications Unit

The unit, headed by an Administrative Officer II handles the official publications of the University and Faculty Handbooks from time-to-time.

The unit is also responsible for the following:

  1. Preparation of draft agenda and minutes of both the standing Committee of Congregation and Congregation meetings and taking adequate follow up actions on the decisions of the two Committees.
  2. Preparation and supervision of elections of Congregation Representatives in Senate and Council.
  3. Periodic reviews and update of University Entry (Inputs) in International Publications such as Directory of Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria, Commonwealth Universities Year Book and Association of African Universities Year Book
  4. Services meetings of the following Committees with necessary follow up actions:
    • Obafemi Awolowo University Staff School Governing Board
    • Obafemi Awolowo University Sports Council
    • Sub-Committee on Posters and Banners
    • Committee on the Renovation of University Buildings
    • Board of survey
Staff of the Unit
Mr. K. F. Ejiwumi Administrative Offier II
Mrs. V. O. Ojo Chief Typist
Mrs. M. A. Adetola Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. M. A. Oyediran Office Assistant

VIP Guest Houses

The VIP Guest Houses Unit is headed by a Chief Catering Officer who supervises the maintenance and repairs of the Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge, the Chancellor’s Lodge Pro-Chancellor’s Lodge, Vice-Chancellor’s Lodge wings and the houses reserved for the guests of the University. The unit provides high quality boarding and lodging facilities for approved official guests of the University.

The Unit also performs the following functions:

  • Provides Hospitality and Welfare facilities to University guests such as Council members, traditional rulers, top government functionaries, external examiners, NUC officials, delegates for Academic Seminars and guests of University staff during wedding and other ceremonies.
  • Caters for the food and refreshments served at Committee meetings.
  • Responsible for organizing the end of year children’s party.
Staff of the Unit
Mrs. T. Kuku Chief Catering Officer
Mrs. F. S. Adewoye Catering Officer
Mrs. F. A. Apanisile Catering Supervisor
Mr. R. Busari Catering Supervisor
Mr. O. Ajegbe Catering Supervisor
Mrs. S. Akinsola Catering Supervisor
Mrs. E. F. Iyiola Catering Supervisor
Mr. G. German Catering Supervisor
Mr. B. Okorie Catering Supervisor
Mrs. T. Makanjuola Catering Supervisor
Mr. M. Sunday Catering Supervisor
Mrs. F. Omisore Chef
Mrs. F. Ojuko Chef
Mrs. B. O. Opedare Chef
Mrs. E. B. Omokoba Head Cook/Steward
Mrs. A. Odesola Head Cook/Steward
Mr. L. Oyeyemi Head Cook/Steward
Mr. T. Toyese Head Cook/Steward
Mrs. Y. Adediwura Head Cook/Steward
Mrs. T. Aboaba Cook/Steward
Mr. M. Raji Chef
Mrs. F. O. Odetoye Chief Typist
Mr. J. Adunle Senior Superintendent Driver II
Mr. I.O. Oladejo Laundry Superintendent
Mrs. G. Odere Attendant II
Mr. A. Falope Laundry Chargeman
Mr. J. S. Adekola Laundryman
Mr. A. J. Ojo Laundryman