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Directorate of Academic Affairs

The Directorate of Academic affairs consists of the Director’s Office, Senate Division, Admissions Office, Examinations and Records Unit

The Directorate of Academic Affairs is the Office under which the University Senate carries out all its functions as itemized in Section 16 sub-section 3 (a) – (y) in the University Edict for the achievement of the objectives of the University namely:

  • to provide facilities for learning and to give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the University may desire to foster and in doing so to enable students to obtain the advantage of a liberal education;
  • to promote by research and other means the advancement of knowledge and its practical application to social, cultural, economic, scientific and technological problems;
  • to stimulate, particularly through teaching and research, interest in and appreciation of African culture and heritage.

In carrying out these functions on behalf of Senate, the Directorate of Academic Affairs has the following units – Senate Division, Admissions Office, Examinations and Records Unit, while the Director’s Office coordinates activities in the various units.

Staff of the Director’s Office
Mr. E. O. Afolabi Director
Mrs R.O. Emmanuel Confidential Secretary
Mr. O.O. Amusan System Programmer II
Mrs. N. E. Ajayi Executive Officer
Mr. S. Ajiferuke Chief Office Assistant

Senate Division

The Senate Division of the University is responsible for servicing the following Committees and Sub-Committees:

  1. Committee of Deans
    • Financial Support Sub-Committee
    • Academic Matters Sub-Committee
    • Ad-Hoc Committees of committee of Deans
  2. Business Committee of Senate
  3. Senate
  4. Ad-Hoc committees of Senate

Committee of Deans

This is a body charged with the following terms of reference:

  1. To coordinate and advise Senate on Faculty entry requirements, Student quotas for each Faculty, admission policy and to act on behalf of Faculties during vacations on matters relating to admission and re-admission;
  2. To consider and report to the Vice-Chancellor or Senate as appropriate, the policy issues concerning change of course or Faculty by students;
  3. To consider and make recommendations to Senate on Scholarships, Bursaries and other awards;
  4. To administer the Learned Conferences Fund;
  5. To consider and make recommendations to Senate in respect of undergraduate scholarships and awards;
  6. To consider all cases of examination misconduct and advise the Vice-Chancellor;
  7. To consider the determination of conditions and other details of prizes offered to the University;
  8. To deal with such academic matters referred to it by Senate or the Vice-Chancellor.

One of the most important functions of the Committee is the consideration of results of undergraduate students. While the results of non-graduating students terminate at this level, those of graduating students are processed further to Senate. Other matters considered by the Committee include the award and institution of prizes, leave of absence beyond two semesters termination or withdrawal of studentship as well as any other academic matters referred to it.

Financial Support Sub-Committee

This Committee is an ad-hoc Committee of the Committee of Deans charged with the administration of the Learned Conferences’ Fund. It not only considers applications for support to attend local and overseas conferences but also considers applications to host national and international conferences.

There are three categories of conferences for which applications are received and considered. They include:

  1. Individual applications
  2. Group applications
  3. Hosting of Conferences by Faculties/Colleges.

Presently, the amount granted for each category is as stipulated:

  • Individual Sponsorship: N40,000 for a maximum of 5 days and mileage claim at N5.00 per kilometer
  • Group Sponsorship: N100,000.00
  • Hosting: N100,000 with a proviso that a Faculty benefits from either group sponsorship or hosting once in a year.
  • International Conferences: – N250.000.00

  • For individual sponsorship, applications are made on prescribed forms. For group sponsorship a letter of application stating the names of all applicants preferably not more than six people, and selecting a convener for the group would suffice. The fund can be accessed by administrative and technical members of staff of the University and there are separate votes for academic and non-teaching staff.
  • Approval is subject to availability for funds.
  • Applications should be forwarded to Senate Office at least two months before the date of the Conference, hence applications made retroactively are not considered.
  • Only two applicants from the same Faculty/Department can be sponsored for the same Conference and a Dean/Provost cannot attend a conference more than two times in a year, one as Dean and the other as a scholar.
  • All beneficiaries are expected to forward a brief report and the air-ticket stump (for international conferences) two weeks after the arrival from Conferences.

Academic Matters Sub-Committee

This is a Sub-Committee of the Committee of Deans charged with the responsibility of considering all new or revised academic programmes from Faculties. It complements the efforts of the Academic Planning sub-Committee, where policies and criteria for academic development are formulated.

Being a Sub-Committee of the Committee of Deans, it takes and considers papers on behalf of the Committee of Deans. Papers processed to this Sub-Committee are expected to have been considered by Development Committee if there are financial implications and would therefrom be processed further to Business Committee en route Senate.

The following information is expected to be provided in the recommendation for new programmes:

  • Aims and Objectives
  • Programme offered and Duration
  • Admission Requirements stating subject combinations
  • Requirements for the Award
  • Course Outline and Course Content

Business Committee of Senate

This Committee is usually described as the clearing house for Senate. All matters processed to Senate must pass through the Committee which would make appropriate recommendations and comments where necessary.

Recommendations from the Committee of Deans such as results of graduating students and other policy issues are processed through this Committee to Senate.

Recommendations are also received directly from Board of the Postgraduate College, Development Committee, Appointment and Promotions Committee, as well as from Faculty Boards (i.e. Faculty Boards Minutes). Minutes of Faculty Boards are approved and reports forwarded to Senate on them. Matters such as applications for leave of absence and applications to register for less than 15 units are approved from the minutes on behalf of Senate. Applications for leave of absence for more than two semesters, reinstatement/withdrawal of studentship, institution of prizes, naming of lecture theatres and endowment of chair are the exclusive prerogatives of Senate and should be extracted from the minutes and processed further through the Committee of Deans to Senate for ratification.


This is the final approving body on academic matters. It is the terminal point for such matters and any approval made at this point automatically becomes a decision for implementation. Senate also considers other recommendations from the Development Committee, Appointments and Promotions Committee and other matters referred to it by the Vice-Chancellor the Pro-Chancellor or the Council.

Senate Ad-Hoc CommitteesThese are Committees constituted for specific purposes i.e. to address urgentl issues and make recommendations to Senate for consideration and approval. They operate by deadlines and are not statutory but terminate with the assignments.

Membership of such Committee could be drawn from Senate while members of staff who are not Senate members may be co-opted.

Staff of the Unit
Mrs M.I. Omosule Deputy Registrar
Mr O.O. Adekoya Principal Assistant Registrar
Mr Ileladewa A.O. Senior Assistant Registrar
Mrs Oyedele Folasayo Administrative Officer II
Mrs O. F. Esan Confidential Secretary I
Mr A. Adepitan Chief Secretarial Assistant
Mr. Z.A. Adediwura Chief Secretarial Assistant
Mrs Alice Ololade Ojo Senior Secretarial Assistant
Mr O. Olubanjo Chief Clerical Officer
Miss Oluwakemi Osin. Clerical Officer
Mrs E.A. Akinsola Chief Clerical Officer
Mr R.A. Mustapha Senior Clerical Officer
Mr E.U. Alexander Office Assistant

Examinations and Records Division

The underlisted activities are carried out by the division:

  • Preparation of Lectures and Examinations Time-Table.
  • Photocopying of Continuous Assessment Tests  and Examination Questions
  • Records keeping, issuance of examination results and transcripts
  • Issuance of “To Whom It May Concern”.
  • Issuance of Letter of Introduction to Corper member
  • Ordering for printing, storage and issuance of certificates
  • Procurement, storage, distribution and maintenance of academic robes
  • Keeping of students’ records and statistics
  • Management of photocopying machines
  • Processing of decision on Examinations Malpractices
  • Processing of letters dismissal, suspension, warning and queries to erring students. All the cases of examination malpractices forwarded to the Unit have been treated and the outcome has been communicated to the affected students
  • Compilation of graduate list for convocation ceremonies
  • Handing of all examination Malpractices/Irregularities referred to the unit and processing of recommendation as approved by the Vice-Chancellor. These would be forwarded the appropriate Centre Committee, after which recommendations would be further processed as directed by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Processing of certificates of affiliated Institutions for the registrar’s signature. For the current year we have been clearing the backlog of certificates from the affiliated Institutions
  • The Unit treat all correspondence from both local and international institutions like Wold education Services and council for the Regulation of Engineers of Engineering in Nigeria to mention a few
  • The Unit continues to generate fund for the University through requests for academic transcript

Staff on Ground

Senior Staff
Mrs. S.T. Adebona  Deputy Registrar
Mrs. E.F. Ojo Senior Assistant Registrar
Mrs. Y.O. Akinyele Assistant Registrar
Mr. A.A. Odulusi Confidential Secretary I
Mrs. E.D. Oderhowho Chief Typist
Mrs. E. Adeoye Chief Typist
Mrs. M. Okobe Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. M.O. Alabi Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. O. Adeniyi Chief Typist
Mr. S.K. Agboola Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. J.O. Familusi Executive Officer
Mr. L.O. Oyelakin Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. F.O. Odeniyi Chief Clerical Officer
Miss S.O. Ireh Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. J.O. Adedoyin Executive officer
Mrs. V.M. Omilabu Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. E.M. Amusan Senior Typist
Miss V. Abba Chief Clerical Officer
Junior Staff
Mrs. E.N. Uwalaka Asst. chief Clerical Officer
Mr. S. Akande Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. A.A. Akinsola Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. R.A. Toromade Assistant Secretary I
Mrs. I.A. Owojori Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. F.R. Otun Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. Ezekiel Daniel Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. Bade Bakare Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. Femi Falana Assistant Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. G. Adesiyan Chief Office Assistant
Mrs. T. Lawal Corper
Mrs. V.O. Olawole Senior Clerical Officer
Mr. D.O. Ajao Typist II
Mrs. O. Olarewaju Clerical Officer
Mrs. S.O. Omisakin Clerical Officer
Mr. E.A. Adeyemi Clerical Officer
Mr. M. T. Alabi Clerical Officer
Mrs. T.A. Ariyibi Clerical Officer
Mrs. A.C. Obadina Clerical Officer
Miss O. Oladejo Clerical Officer
Mr. A.E. Akinbitan Clerical Officer
Mrs. A.C. Obadina Clerical Officer
Mr. O. Oladipupo Senior Clerical Officer

Admissions Office

Admissions Office is a Unit that deals primarily with monitoring and coordination of students admissions to degree programmes and transfer from other Universities.

The unit ensures strict compliance with the various guidelines on admission as laid down by Senate from time to time. It also processes applications for change of course from one Faculty/Department to the other and recommendations for dismissal and withdrawal of students who use cancelled or forged school certificate for admission.

The following activities are carried out by the unit:

  • Counseling of students on academic and welfare matters.
  • Sale of Inter University and Inter Departmental Change of Course forms.
  • Processing of Direct Entry, UME admission lists of students and liaison with JAMB Office on such list as appropriate.
  • Screening of fresh students at the point of registration
  • Authentication of scholarship list of students who win such awards.
Staff of the Unit
S.O. Kehinde Principal Assistant Registrar
O.O. Omole Principal Assistant Registrar
S.K. Arabi Chief Sec. Asst.
E.F. Adebanji Chief Clerical Officer
K.A. Dada Chief Sec. Asst.
C. Odisi Chief Clerical Asst.
Umosekhaimhe Bridget A. Sec. Assistant
Jeje Sunday Olaleye Chief Clerical Officer
Sawyerr Oluwakemi Clerical Officer
Mrs. G.O. Olarewaju Executive Officer
Mr. M.N. Nwizar Chief Clerical Officer
M. N. Nwizar Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. O.I. Ojo Executive Officer
F. F. Oyesola (Mrs.) Chief Clerical Officer
Mr.  M.O. Alao Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs H.M. Akinlade Chief Clerical Officer
Mrs. E.O. Odeyemi Executive Officer
H. M. Akinlade (Mrs.) Chief Clerical Officer
Mr. Akomolafe Gbenga O. Clerical Officer
Mr. Olabode Ayomide O. Clerical Officer
Mrs. C.B. Asiyanbola Chief Clerical Officer