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Department of Computer Science & Engineering


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (formerly known as Department of Computer Science) was established in 1970 having about ten students in the department, with a focus to meet the nation’s needs for skilled manpower in the rapidly expanding field of Information and Communications Technology. All efforts were geared towards the production of hardware Systems Engineer, Software Systems Engineers, Systems Analysts and Programmers. Following this realisation, in 1976, new programme options were introduced. The single honours degree in Computer Science was introduced to meet the needs in all the areas of Software Computing; and later, the Computer Engineering was also later added to cater for the growing demand for experts in the hardware computing. It is in recognition of the Department continuing to sustain the impact already made and increase the scope and achieve the set goal, the name of the Department was later modified to Department of Computer Science & Engineering to reflect the additional programmes.

After a study of the requirements of the industry, commerce, government and research organizations, two undergraduate programmes were established. They are:

  • Computer Science with Economics
  • Computer Science with Mathematics

The first set of students graduated from these programmes in June 1976. A postgraduate diploma course in Computer science was introduced in 1974 with the first graduate in 1976.

A third undergraduate programme (Computer Engineering) was added in 1983. Computer Science has now replaced the Computer Science with Mathematics option. Approval has been given to the department to run an Executive Masters in Information Technology (EMIT) beginning 2006/2007 session.

The continuing goal of the Department has been to ensure the relevance of teaching and research to real and immediate needs of the nation.

The Vision and Mission of the Department

The Vision of the Department is to be a world-class Department of Computer Science & Engineering with the Mission of producing World-Class:

  • Graduates of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Teachers of Computer Science & Engineering
  • Researchers in Computer Science & Engineering and
  • ICT Infrastructure for Community Service.

Challenges of the Department

The following challenges, among others, need to be addressed in order for the Department to leapfrog and achieve the aforementioned:

  • Inadequate equipment and laboratories to carry out research
  • Lack of well-equipped classroom to carry out teaching
  • Dearth of up-to-date and current textbooks
  • Shortage of qualified personnel thus leading to over-stretching the available few hands
  • Inadequate office spaces for members of staff
  • Reorganisation of research focus

All these will be addressed in the course of our tenure as Head of Department.