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Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture was established as a distinct academic unit in 1982 when it became a department in the newly created Faculty of Environmental Design and Management.Prior to this time, it was a programme in the Department of Environmental Planning Design and Management (EPDM) in the Faculty of Technology for six years.

Since 1977 when the programme was established, over 600 graduates have been produced. The current programme is the 3rd in the line of curriculum development that has aimed at producing high skilled architects capable of responding to a society in rapid transition. The new programme has maintained the tradition of a two-tier system leading to the award of BSc and MArch. degrees which grant exemption from the Part I and Part II of the NIA professional practice examination. The four-year Bachelor of Science degree is organized as the general Arts and Science background to the discipline which leads to the more focused professional training offered in the two-year Master of Architecture (MArch) programme.