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Student’s Corner



The Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (FBMS), Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, was created in 1995, when the then Faculty of Health Sciences, went collegiate to become the College of Health Sciences. Other Institutions of the College are Faculty of Clinical Sciences, Faculty of Dentistry and Institute of Public Health. A Dean as in other Faculties in the University heads each Faculty, while a Director heads the Institute. A Provost heads the College.

Faculty Program Coordinators

  • Chief Coordinator, MB.ChB programme Dr. T.A.B. Ogunniyi
  • Faculty Coordinator, part I Mr. M.O. Egwu
  • Faculty Coordinator, part II Dr. T.A.B. Ogunniyi
  • Faculty Coordinator, part III Dr. T.K. Adenowo
  • Coordinator, B.Sc. Nursing programme
  • Coordinator, B.Sc. Medical Rehabilitation programme

Educational Objectives of the Faculty

In accordance with the original philosophy of the initial faculty of Health Sciences, the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences trains all students of the various sections of the Health Care Team together in the Basic Sciences. However, not only is the level of training such as to give the students a really sound understanding of the subjects from the point of view of health care, it is also intended to give them a greater knowledge in depth of those sections which interest them and so to provide a foundation from which some members of the class may embark on careers as teachers in these subjects or be able to use their knowledge of them to greater affect in attaining the highest level in their professional work.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences shall be:

  1. From University Part I Courses
  2. By direct entrance
  3. By transfer from other Faculties of this or other Universities
University Part I Courses

Candidates in the following categories may be considered for admission to the part I course on passing the Joint Admission and Matriculation Examination (JAMB)

  • Candidates who have at least one subject at Advanced level of the General certificate of Education or equivalent Examination
  • Candidates with a good WASC/SSCE with credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology and any other science subjects, having total six (6) credits in all.

The part I courses shall be given in the Faculty of Science in consultation with the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences. They will consist of CHM 101, PHY 105 & 107, ZOO 101 and SSC 101 for the Harmattan Semester, and CHM 102, PHY 106 & 108, BOT 102 and SSC 102 for the Rain Semester.

To qualify for admission into the Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences for the MB.ChB. and B.Ch.D. programmes, candidate will be expected to have passed all courses in the part I with a GPA of more than 1.0. Candidates with inadequate passes or therwise bordeline performance may be considered for admission after a year spent either successfully repeating the Part I course in the subject failed, or in successfdully reading the Part II B.Sc. Course of any one of the Sciences Faculties.

Exemption from Part I Courses

The minimum requirements for exemption from the Part I Courses of the Faculty are similar to those for direct entry to the University.

The qualifying subjects must include passes in Biology or Zoology, Chemistry and Physics at Advanced level in the General Certificate of Examination.

Transfer from other Faculties of the University

After successfully completing a B.Sc. degree course in part or wholly in this or any other University, a candidate may be considered for admission into undergraduate courses of this Faculty. Such a candidate shall be expected to satisfy the admission committee of the Faculty in an oral interview.